HP Tuners L5P ECM Exchange Service

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Krazy On Highways presents our L5P ECM Exchange Service, giving you the power to tune your 2017+ Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax. Simply send us your ECM (or a new spare one, preferred) and we will exchange it for a HP Tuners modified ECM giving you full access to calibrate, log and scan via the OBD2 port with your MPVI2 and VCM Suite 4!

L5P Exchange Service Details
Below is some important information to consider when purchasing the L5P ECM Exchange:

– Your exchanged L5P ECM can only be tuned via the OBD2 port with HP Tuners VCM Suite 4 and an MPVI2.
– To tune your L5P ECM you require 10 Universal Credits, an MPVI2, the latest version of VCM Suite and an internet connection.
– No other tuning or calibration tools can be used with the ECM (including dealer reflash tools).
– VCM Scanner, dealer diagnostic and other diagnostic tools will continue to function normally.
– VCM Suite 4 can be used to return to stock calibration and/or update to the latest stock calibration.
– Once you have placed your order and provided your VIN, you must send us either your original ECM or a spare (preferred) first.
– The ECM must be in functional, original, unopened and unmodified condition.
– You will not receive this same ECM back as this is an exchange service only. The ECM you receive has been modified to enable tuning.
– Vehicle Anti-Theft System relearn by a dealer tool is required once the ECM is returned to the vehicle.
– Please also allow at least 3 business days for this exchange service not including shipping times.

HP Tuners reserves the right to refuse exchange of any ECM sent to us as part of this service.


Exchange Requirements
When you send in the ECM, you MUST include the following:

  1. Provide your VIN in the cell above
  2. Perform the Replace ECM Function in VCM Scanner for the stock ECM
  3. Customer Name
  4. Customer Address
  5. Customer Contact Information (E-mail and Phone)
  6. L5P ECM Exchange Service Order #
  7. If you are also providing your TCM (T87a) for unlock, please also provide your order number
  8. Whether the ECM is the original from the vehicle or a new spare ECM
  9. Vehicle Information (Year/Make/Model)
  10. Preferred UPS shipping method

If the information above is not provided with the ECM, it may delay the ECM exchange process while the missing information is acquired. Please ensure your follow both the above instructions when placing your order and review the installation instructions here.

The default shipping added with the exchange service is UPS ground, however expedited shipping is available via the checkout process.

NOTE: Note this ECM exchange service is completed at the owners risk, HP Tuners will not be responsible for the vehicle, its power-train or electronics, nor how the ECM is used, calibrated and its functionality. Should you experience any issues with your ECM, please contact info@krazyon-highways.com for assistance and how to proceed.

A reminder that your ECM will not be returned to you, this service is an “exchange” and you will receive another modified ECM in its place. There is no outright purchase option available at this time.

We exchange and modify ECMs as fast as we can, but initially, please allow at least 3 business days (plus the time to ship the ECM) per ECM that you send in for the exchange process to be completed.

NOTE: Any additional hardware ordered with this product will be shipped along with your exchange ECM or modified TCM. To avoid any delays should you require other hardware soon, please order that hardware separately