ECM Bench Harnesses

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KOH offers the best ECM Bench harnesses on the market.
The KOH Harnesses are great for Reprogramming ECM's on the bench. These cables make swapping ECM'S and reprogramming a breeze

Also, These cables are great for diagnostic, You can eliminate the factory harness and test the ECM with a direct connection.

Here is a list of the cables that we have to offer!

- KTAG to ACM & MCM Harness adaptor
- KTAG MCM & ACM Harness (Needs KTAG to ACM & MCM Harness adapter) (Inc Both ACM & MCM Connectors) 
- Nexiq USB Link 2 – Optional if you have one already
- Main Cummins Harness (Required for ALL Cummins bench harnesses)
- CM850 – CM876 w/ RomBoot Mode Button
- CM2150
- CM2250 w/RomBoot Mode Button
- CM2350 w/RomBoot Mode Button
- DDEC IV Fused Bench harness with switch (9 pin Deutsch)
- DDEC V Fused Bench harness with switch (9 pin Deutsch)
- MX13 Switched, Fused & Relayed Bench Harness (9 pin Deutsch)


*For Cummins Harnesses, You will need the Cummins base harness & the ECM specific harness (EG Cummins Base Harness + CM2350) would enable you to connect to a Cummins CM2350.