DSP5 keylock switches

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*This will not work without the purchase of DSP5 Calibrations*

The Keylock DSP5 Switch

Lock the calibration in one position. Calibrations are still switchable as long as the key is in. If you need to prevent an employee or teenager from switching to another calibration, you can lock it into a desired position.
*The keys are removable in position 1, 3 and 5

Whats Included?

  • Lock Switch
  • Knob
  • Allen key
  • Split loom
  • Instructions

What is DSP5?

Well DSP5 stands for "DURAMAX SWITCH PERFORMANCE". DSP5 gives you the ability to switch between 5 calibrations, with the purchase of SOTF (Switch On The Fly) calibration by KOH. DSP5 calibrations from KOH are not OEM calibrations, our calibrations are modified versions of OEM versions.

What are the benefits of DSP5?

  • Not having to pullover to flash a different tune is the biggest benefit.
  • Switching Instantly Between Calibrations.
  • Stock, Economy, Tow, Heavy Haul, Performance at the tip of your fingers.
  • Valet mode if you have an Employee or Teenager.


ECM Pin Out:

2001 - 2004     LB7                //  Blue Wire 46 - Black Wire 54

2004.5 - 2006  LLY                //  Purple Wire 32 - Black Wire 50

2006.5 - 2010  LBZ & LMM   //  Grey Wire 46 - Black Wire 54

2011 - 2016     LML                //  Yellow Wire 11 - Black Wire 35