DSP5 switch 2011-2016 LML Duramax diesel

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What Is DSP5?
Well DSP5 Stands For "Duramax Switch Performance". DSP5 Gives You The Ability To Switch Between 5 Calibrations, With The Purchase Of SOTF (Shift On The Fly).
This Switch Needs To Be Used With An EFILive Tuner You Must Have A DSP5 Tune To Use This Switch.

Calibrations Not Included.

Benefits Of Having A DSP5 Switch?
◾⏰Biggest Benefit Is Not Having To Pull Over To Flash A Different Tune,Switching Instantly Between Calibrations.
◾🚦Having Stock, Economy, Tow, Heavy Haul,and Performance at the tip of your fingers.
◾🔒Using Valet mode if you have an Employee or Teenager to lock them out of changes.
◾🛠️Can Be Mounted Anywhere You Want.

Install Instructions:
ECM Pin Out Duramax 20011 - 2016 LML: Yellow Wire 11 - Black Wire 35

Place Pins In The Indicated Holes. After You've Placed The Pins In The Connector And Plugged The Connector Back In,
Turn On The Ignition And Press The Small Button On The Back Of The Switch.
If One Of The LED's Light Up, The Pins Are Probably Installed. If Not Try Switching The Hole You May Have Put Them In The Wrong Spot.

Loosen The Set Screw Before Installing The Knob For Ease.
Do Not Use Unnecessary Force When Installing The Knob, Be Gentle.

Your DSP5 Switch Has A Nut And Two Washers. The Bottom Smooth Washer Must Remain On The Bottom With The Tab Located In Hole Number Five.
If It Falls Out, Turn The Switch Fully Counter Clockwise And Place The Washer Back With The Pin In Hole Five.
Make Sure The Switch Moves Exactly Four Clicks Clockwise.
If Not, Turn The Switch Back Fully Counterclockwise, Move The Pin And Try Again.

◾Selector Switch
◾Aluminum Knob
◾1-5 Decal
◾1/8th Split Loom Tubing
◾Allen Key

All Of These Instructions Will Also Be Included With Your DSP5 Switch