Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust (Duramax)

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FLO~PRO has been building some of the best sounding, longest lasting, highest flowing, exhaust systems right here in Alberta since 1981.  They are truly innovators in constantly finding ways to improve upon the overall construction of their exhaust systems and components to ensure they can stand the test of time, no matter the environment they are in.
For example, FLO~PRO utilizes lap joint style clamps at most junctions, as opposed to u-bolt style hanger clamps that require crushing the joint to adjoin the two pieces.
This allow you to disassemble the exhaust without the use of a Saw or a grinder if the need ever arose.  Further, FLO~PRO exhaust hangers feature a built in radius that follow the contour of the exhaust, allowing them to secure the hanger to the exhaust with a 6-7" weld, as opposed to a roughly 1" weld that would be required with an unbent hanger.

-FLO~PRO Turbo Back, Downpipe Back, and Intermediate Pipes for 2007.5-Current Vehicles are for Off-Road Use Only!
-Some exhaust systems could potentially void factory warranty.
-Off-Road Race Tuning or electronics WILL BE required for proper operation on all factory equipped vehicles 2007.5+ utilizing an exhaust to remove emissions devices
Diesel Power Products & Flo-Pro assume no warranty or liability in regards to the use of this product.
*Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway*


**The turbo direct pipe on some of the 2015 models has a 3-bolt flange instead of a V-band clamp. These kits will only fit models equipped with v-band clamp and will not work for trucks equiped with the 3-bolt flange off the turbo direct pipe!

***The turbo direct pipe on some of the 2015 models has a 3-bolt flange instead of a V-band clamp. This pipe will work on 2011-2014 LML Duramax trucks and 2015 LML Duramax without 3-bolt flange or with aftermarket exhaust. You will also need the OEM clamp #11611439 to use this pipe on 2015+ vehicles with aftermarket exhaust.

****In 2017, GMC made a production change in the connection between the catalytic converter and the turbo direct pipe on the L5P. Please ensure you have the newest 4-bolt style flange before ordering any of the kits listed on this page. If you have a 3-bolt flange instead, please refer to our 2015.5+ LML exahust sytems.