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This package bundles the KTAG SLAVE hardware and FULL Protocol activation.

KTAG allows you to read and write to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Agriculture and Marine Applications by simply connecting the tool directly to the ECU using the correct harness connector. The SLAVE version of the tool allows you to read/write files that are supplied to you from the MASTER version tool. KTAG SLAVE will rewrite (FLASH) the modified file back to the OEM ECU while performing the checksum correction automatically.

Includes 12 Month Subscription from the date of purchase.

Included with the hardware are the following:
  • Male and female header pins for adapting to 14AS00T01S, 14AS00T03S and 14AS00T04S adaptors
  • 144300T100 - Ribbon cable
  • 144300T101 - Ribbon cable
  • 144300T102 - Ribbon cable
  • 144300T103 - Ribbon cable
  • 144300T104 - Rainbow ribbon cable
  • 144300T105 - Rainbow ribbon cable
  • 144300T106 - Rainbow ribbon cable
  • 14P600KT02 - Multifunction cable
  • 14P600KT03 - Connection cable for Bosch EDC17GPT ECUs
  • 14P600KT06 - Infineon Tricore MED GPT cable
  • 144300TALI - Power Supply cable
  • USB 2.0 cable
KTAG Slave FULL Protocol Activation includes:
  • BDM Motorola MPC5xx
  • JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx
  • JTAG Renesas SH705x
  • Bootloader Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx
  • Bootloader Infineon Tricore
  • Bootloader ST10Fxxx
  • BDM Motorola 68000HC
  • BDM Motorola HC12
  • Bootloader RENESAS M32
  • NBD NEC 76F00xx Toyota
  • JTAG Freescale MPC5xxx

Part Number: 14KT00KTAS