SCT GTX Tuner & Vehicle Monitor

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Easy to use and see Monitor with Amazing Tuning Capabilities

The SCT GTX Tuner and Dashboard Monitor takes everything you know and loved about SCT's older monitors and turns them up to 11. The SCT GTX is built around a massive color touch screen and is capable of reading and displaying practically any information your vehicle outputs through its OBD-II port. Despite it's large screen, the SCT GTX is fairly compact and won't take up a ton of space in your cockpit while delivering all the information you need to keep tabs on your aggressive vehicle build. On top of its excellent monitoring abilities, the SCT GTX comes jam-packed with powerful SCT tunes that will give your vehicle of choice a huge bump in horsepower and torque without the need for any "hard" performance parts at all. The GTX can even store up to 20 custom tunes from qualified SCT tuners which can get you even better performance and compensate for extremely powerful modifications. The GTX even has WiFi, which allows it to download firmware updates, new tunes, and custom tunes from SCT and Bully Dog's Cloud Tuning system wirelessly, saving you hassles with software and drivers for your home PC.

Large Touchscreen with Built-In WiFi and Datalogging Capability

The SCT GTX makes it easier than ever to get your vehicle tuned and then monitor all of its key performance parameters to ensure it's running smoothly. The GTX features a 5" capacitive glass touchscreen that can display practically any engine PID as an easy-to-read gauge. The GTX uses a built-in WiFi module to connect to SCT and Bully Dog's Cloud Tuning system where it can wirelessly download new tunes, firmware updates, and even custom tunes provided by SCT-approved custom tune shops. The new WiFi technology means no more dealing with software or driver compatibility issues on your home PC. The GTX hooks into your vehicle's OBD-II port using an included cable and comes standard with a magnetic "grab 'n go" mounting system that allows it to be put practically anywhere. The touchscreen is fully customizable, and the device can also datalog your engine's running information, as well as read and clear DTC trouble codes making it a handy tool to keep around the garage.

 * 13+ Cummins require an Unlock Cable

Vehicle Applications:
  • 2008 - 2016 Ford Diesel Trucks
  • 2015 - 2017 Ford Gas Trucks
  • 2015 - 2017 Mustangs