About Us

   Our journey begins in 2009, when CEO/President Leigh was a young programmer put in charge of rebuilding fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and reprogramming Caterpillar engines to run at optimum performance. With his advanced knowledge of diesel engines he was soon perfecting heavy truck programs to run at the highest efficiency. Not to long down the road emissions systems deletes were being performed and critiqued on the same Caterpillar engines.  

The ECM reprogramming market was large and full of potential. Knowing how tedious reprogramming can be, Leigh applied all his experience and skills in the trade and Krazy On Highways was born in 2012. Before long after setting up in Edmonton, then outgrowing Airdrie, it was now time to move onto better and bigger opportunities in SE Calgary, with a larger location for the company's growing team of experts.

Fast forward to 2019 and Krazy On Highways has over 100 dealers North American wide, and is developing and perfecting tunes for pick-ups, construction equipment and big rigs for off road use. We at Krazy On Highways pride are selves to deliver the highest standard in delivering products and services focused on improving our customers performance under the hood, confidence behind the wheel, profitability to leave more cash in your wallet, and outstanding image for years down the unforgiving road.