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What is a DPF?

A Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to remove up to 100% of the soot created by diesel engines. This soot is collected and stored as ash in the filter itself. For more information click here


Will a DPF delete improve my fuel economy?

In short, a DPF will give you better fuel economy but only if your engine is tuned after the DPF removal. A 10% increase in fuel economy has been observed in some cases. For more information click here


What is an EGR system?

An Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is designed to reduce the emission of NOx by recirculating a portion of the engines exhaust back into the cylinders. For more information click here


Why do people remove their EGR system?

EGR systems are complicated and require regular maintenance to keep running. By removing the system, this maintenance is no longer required.  Exhaust gases will also hinder the quality of the air that is being mixed with fuel and therefor decrease the power that the engine can make. For more information click here


What is a VGT?

A Variable Geometry Turbo is designed with veins in the exhaust housing that can change size based on the exhaust flow from the engine.  This allows the ECM (engine control module) to control the boost pressure that the turbo creates and keep it efficient at all speeds. For more information click here


Should I keep my VGT?

Because of the complexity of the VGTs and the constant high heat ranges  they go through, corrosion and maintenance can be an issue.  VGTs work best when paired with an EGR system to help with the reduction of emissions. If your VGT is corroded and you have removed your EGR system, we suggest moving to a more stout traditional turbo system that will be more reliable. For more information click here


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