2011-2016 6.6 LML EFILive All-in-One DPF/DEF/EGR Delete Kit

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In this package you will receive the following items:

  • EFILive Autocal with Single Tune
  • Stainless Steel 4" DPF-delete Race Pipe
  • Full EGR Valve & Cooler delete-kit



  • Please specify the tune(s) you are looking for; most common tunes are:
  • 0hp Stock Power
  • 25hp Tow (With brake if LLY+)
  • 45hp Economy
  • 75hp Street (transmission tune suggested)
  • 90hp performance
  • 120hp Race

Transmission Tuning:

-Modified Shift speeds (RPM/speed at which the shift is commanded)
-Modified Shift timing (time it takes to complete a shift)
-Improved TCC lockup strategy -Increased line pressure at all times (Similar to what the EPC fooler does)
-Improved torque management, both during shifts and in gear As well as the ability to tweak the trans tuning to individual customers request To start we will require the stock reads to be sent in with the order until we establish a complete library of files like we currently have for the ECM side, once we get a library of files then no longer will a read need to be done we will be able to supply the correct file for the truck very much like we do the ECM side of things.