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*Includes MyGenius and Free Shipping anywhere in North America *This is not a remote tuning file service*

MyGenius is Serial Specific. It can only be used on one unit.  *Fleet Owner Discounts Available on multiple units, Please contact us for more information* 

With a Krazy On Highways optimized remapped calibration(s) you can expect gains up to 30% torque increase, up to 20% horsepower increase and 5-15% fuel economy.  We also offer NON Emissions Calibrations, commonly referred to as Delete Tuning. 


  •  7460 6.8L 6L 142kW/190HP
  •  7660 274kW/368HP
  •  7760 13.5L 395kW/530HP
  •  7760 417kW/559HP
  •  9970 6.8L 187kW/251HP 
  •  CP690 13.5L 440kW/590HP

  •  7180 9.0L 265kW/355HP
  •  7200 8.1L 208kW/279HP
  •  7280 13.5L 328kW/440HP
  •  7380 13.5L 362kW/485HP
  •  7480 13.5L 414kW/555HP
  •  7500 12.5L 420kW/563HP
  •  7580 13.5L 466kW/625HP
  •  7780 13.5L 466kW/625HP
  •  7980 19L QSK 597kW/800HP
  •  8100 9.0L 279kW/374HP
  •  8300 13.5L 360kW/483HP
  •  8400 13.5L 397kW/532HP
  •  8500 13.5L 430kW/577HP
  •  8600 13.5L 460kW/617HP
  •  8700 19L QSK 563kW/755HP

  •  1570 Combines 6.8L 192kW/258HP
  •  9550i Combines 8.1L 164kW/220HP
  •  9560 STS Combines 8.1L 198kW/265HP
  •  9640i WPT Combines 9.0L 233kW/313HP
  •  9760 STS Combines 8.1L 253kW/340HP
  •  C670 Combines 9.0L 299kW/401HP
  •  S540 Combines 6.8L 175kW/235HP
  •  S540 Combines 6.8L 175kW/235HP
  •  S560 Combines 9.0L 261kW/350HP
  •  S660 Combines 9.0L 272kW/365HP
  •  S670 Combines 9.0L 280kW/375HP
  •  S670 Combines 9.0L 317kW/425HP
  •  S680 Combines 13.5L 400kW/536HP
  •  S690 Combines 13.5L 405kW/543HP
  •  S760 Combines 9.0L 285kW/382HP
  •  S770 Combines 9.0L 335kW/449HP
  •  S780 Combines 13.5L 402kW/540HP
  •  S790 Combines 13.5L 460kW/617HP
  •  T550 Combines 6.8L 217kW/291HP
  •  T550 Combines 6.8L 224kW/300HP
  •  T560 Combines 9.0L 261kW/350HP
  •  T660 Combines 9.0L 272kW/365HP
  •  T660 Combines 9.0L 273kW/366HP
  •  T670 Combines 9.0L 317kW/425HP
  •  T770 Combines 9.0L 335kW/449HP
  •  W540 Combines 6.8L 224kW/300HP
  •  W550 Combines 6.8L 224kW/300HP
  •  W650 Combines 9.0L 238kW/319HP
  •  W650 Combines 9.0L 317kW/425HP
  •  W660 Combines 9.0L 272kW/365HP


  •  4025 6.8L 150kW/201HP
  •  4030 6.8L 209kW/280HP
  •  4040i 6.8L 176kW/236HP
  •  4045 9.0L 258kW/346HP


  •  2000
  •  3000 
  •  4000
  •  5000
  •  6000
  •  7000
  •  8000
  •  9000

*We are not limited to Agriculture we can also do John Deere Construction such as Backhoe, Bunchers, Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Generators, Skid Steers and more. Contact Us for more Information!

  • Stage 1 Economy
  • Stage 2 Economy / Performance
  • NON EGR 
  • NON EGR - DPF 
  • STAGE 1 or 2 Can be added to any NON
  • We can also lower or raise your speed limiter (must specify)


About Our Programming

All Krazy On Highways Inc Calibration(s) are developed in house by our team of engine calibrators and are put through hundreds of hours of testing prior to being made public. Our calibrations are custom, non-generic type "tunes" unlike those you will find through many of our competitors we modify your existing engine operating systems. This means that rather than throwing a random flash file into your ECM or flashing an updated OEM file, we upload your engine’s original settings and make modifications. We will maximize and deliver the Economy/Performance results that you are after. We can also set limits if the unit is operated by an Employee or Teenager.


Some Calibrations are designed for off-road or competition racing use only. Use on Provincial / State and Federal Highways is a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to obey and should be read in full before purchasing and installing any of our off-road, race use only products or services. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The purchase, installation and use of our tunes indicates that this disclaimer has been read, acknowledged and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). All prices listed cover only the cost of the ECM Calibration. Parts and installation are not provided this is a file service only