2010-2013 Trucks and CE VILKUS-62 Black. DPF/SCR-off solution.

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VILKUS-62. DPF delete solution for Volvo CE

DPF SCR-off solution for Volvo US10 (2010-2013), UD Trucks US11/US12 (2010-2013).

  • Volvo USA Trucks: 2010-2014 with H-series engine: D13H, D16H, D11H
  • UD Trucks: US11/US12 emission standard with MDE endines.
  • Volvo loaders F and G-series (L180G, L220G etc) with DxxH engines
  • Volvo excavators with H-generation engines
  • Volvo dump trucks with H-generation engines
  • All other Volvo machines with D3.3H, D4H, D6H, D8H, D9H, D11H, D13H, D16H engines 


Main Features:
  • No DPF related fault codes
  • No derates under any conditions
  • Always low soot ratio
  • NEW!!! Plug-n-Drop technology. No soldering, no crimping! Just plug and enjoy! 
  • HCDEA™ – HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA™ – HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm for total control of soot ratio values
  • Reversibility


System Requirements:
  • Basic hand tools
  • Experience of working with truck wiring and connectors
  • Multimeter and/or scope in case of troubleshooting
  • Laptop with Tech Tool and communication interface.


In The Box:
  • Emulator module: sealed plastic box with 62-pin connector. Shockproof, waterproof dustproof, EMI-proof, non-serviceable electronic device.


How To Install:
  • Important notice for US10 trucks. Check for fault codes in MID128. If you see PSID90 or PSID46 fault codes (aka Uneraseable codes) please contact us prior to installation! Get ready to provide access to your diagnostic laptop.
  • Disconnect all NOx sensors from the truck/machine. Trucks and machines may have different quantity of sensors. Please apply to service manual for your truck.
  • Unplug the connector from ACM module (MID233)
  • Unplug the diagnostic tool from the diag socket (if plugged)
  • Connect the VILKUS module instead of ACM
  • Turn the key on, wait a minute.
  • Turn the key off, wait 30sec.
  • Turn the key on and ensure that all aftertreatment faults are gone.
  • Done!

Warranty terms:

Important Notice: This device cannot be installed twice. Once connected to the truck/machine it will never work for different VIN. Please don’t use it for demo purposes!

Warranty cases are:
  • Device stopped working fully or partially during usage period
Non-warranty cases are:
  • Mechanically cracked device and/or device connector
  • Removed stickers, serial numbers or trademarks.
  • Device abuse (high voltage, agressive moistures etc)
  • Disassembling attempts and other copyright violations
  • Reverse attempts or another copyright violations (may cause your account blocking)