Volvo CE 2014 - 2019 VILKUS-62: Granite edition. DPF/SCR-off solution

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This product supports all Volvo CE machines equipped with one of the following engine:

  • D3.3J, D4J, D6J, D8J, D9J
  • D11J, D13J, D16J 
  • L-series engines e.g. D13L
  • Penta engines with SCR.


Main features:
  • No DPF/SCR related fault codes
  • No derates under any working conditions
  • Always low soot ratio
  • NEW!!! Plug-n-Drop technology. No wires! Just plug it instead of ACM and enjoy! 
  • HCDEA™ – HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA™ – HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm for total control of soot ratio values
  • Reversibility

System requirements:
  • Basic hand tools
  • Multimeter and/or scope in case of troubleshooting
  • Laptop with Tech Tool and communication interface for fault codes reading/erasing.

In the box:
  • Emulator module: sealed plastic box with 62-pin connector. Shockproof, waterproof dustproof, EMI-proof, non-serviceable electronic device.

How to install:
  • Check fault codes in EMS. Erase codes if necessary.
  • Disconnect all NOx sensors from the machine. Trucks and machines may have different quantity of sensors. Please apply to your vehicle’s service manual.
  • Unplug the connector from ACM module (MID233)
  • Connect the VILKUS module instead of ACM
  • Turn the key on and enjoy!

After installation:
  • Remove or drill DPF ceramic grids (this step is important, DPF grid may get totally clogged very shortly).

Warranty terms:

Warranty cases are:

  • Device stopped working fully or partially during usage period

Non-warranty cases are:

  • Mechanically cracked/broken device and/or device connector
  • Removed stickers, serial numbers or trademarks
  • Device abuse (high voltage, agressive moistures etc)
  • Disassembling attempts
  • Reverse engineering attempts and other copyright violations (may cause permanent blocking of your account)