Volvo Smart Harness - VLOMINGO

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VLOMINGO is a smart ECU Harness. Just like regular bench harness, but with some magic inside.

It provides us with much wider ECU memory access than normal OBD connection.

Remote programming options used to be impossible through OBD port will come true. EGR deletes, wide support of 2020+ trucks and machines, ePRV delete kits support and much much more!

  • Can be used in both ways: on the bench or on the engine (truck/machine).
  • Works with any RP1210 adapter.
  • As easy as plug’n’play. No need invasion into existing harness.
  • No user serviceable parts inside.
  • Easy indication for troubleshooting.
  • Serious electrical protection. Unlike popular bench harnesses, it will prevent you of ECU damage in case of power supply failure. Various power supply cables available.

New level of security and data protection!

Protection of unexpected calibration wipe-out and unintended reprogramming at dealer workshop. No restrictions for diagnostics and parameters programming.
Read-out and cloning protection.
Reversibility. Restoring the ECM with an OEM stock flash file will lift all restrictions.

What's Included:

  • Three types of power connectors; Cigarette Lighter, AC Adapter, and Battery Alligator Clips