Colorado / Canyon 3.6L (2017/2020) Tuning

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We offer custom tunes for Economy, Tow, & Performance. Tunes are upgradeable specific to your engine mods for example, Supercharger kit, Turbo, injectors, fuel pump, DOD disable, etc

Tuning is performed on the HPtuners platform using an MPVI3. Each MPVI3 ships (from Canada) and requires 4 credits to tune the ECM and 4 credits to to the TCM (T87A). 8 Credits in total.

TCM Tuning is not required (Strongly recommended for Built Transmissions) it can help when dialed in for Economy, towing, or performance. With changes to line psi, shift points, lock up, redline, and more. 

*TCM Tuning you must ship us your TCM (T87A) to get unlocked or purchase an unlocked one. 


  • Gains of up to 100HP/80TQ Depending on Engine mods and fuel type.
  • Tunes have been tested in real world environments. City, Highway, Offroad, High Elevation, Snow, etc.
  • You Retain the stock file.
  • More enjoyable Drivability while retaing OEM Emissions.
  • Reliability increased by finer tuning the engine.