Hellcat Tuning HPTUNERS

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This is for Remote Tuning Services Only. We are offering our HELLCAT Tuning on the HPTuners platform.

Getting started you will need to fill out the order form to the best of your knowledge and attach your stock "Read" file. If you have selected "NEED MPVI3" one will be shipped out to you and when you receive it you will read out your stock file and email it to us.

Datalogging is a must!! "BASE_TUNE_VIN" for startup only. Please use the "channels.xml" file with VCM SCANNER tool to make separate logs; Cold Start/Warm Up, Idle, (if the AF looks good) Short Cruise.  Email all files to leigh@krazyon-highways.com Subject "ORDER #". Wait for my reply (possible revision file) Further logging will be required. Get it up to operating temperature and do a brief log (no more than few seconds 3-5) WOT (Wide Open Throttle) *do NOT make the tires spin or another log will be required. Email it to us.

 The car might feel and sound great... ***Please wait for another Revision!! Do NOT WOT again. I need time to review the log and make the necessary changes in order to give you a tune file I would run, if it was in my personal car.

*This Service May require 3-5 revisions

Important (not included).
*2018+ Requires a Smart Harness
*2015+ Require PCM to be Unlocked/Patch