Dodge ECO Diesel Calibrations

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2014 - 2016 3.0 V6 EcoDiesel

Single Calibration Files Only. 

  • Economy 
  • Tow 
  • Performance
  • Emissions intact or deleted.
  • 3 - Calibration Pack (ECO, TOW, PERFORMANCE or You Tell Us!)  


*This is a KTAG or KESSv2 Calibration File Service.

This is intended for individuals who have Alientech KESSV2/KTAG. Either a Master KESSV2/KTAG or KESSV2/KTAG Slave (Slave units must be linked to KOH in order to use this Service) will give you the appropriate file to send to us for modification. 


Alientech Communication Hardware

  • KTAG you must open the ECM in order to read. (Labor Intensive)
  • KESSV2 you can read the file out of the OBD2 port. (Cost/Time Effective)

You must attach in this order your "Read" file (original calibration) for modification.


Please note* The vehicle must be reset and not in regeneration mode before you remove DPF (Emissions System) for Off Road Use.