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1. Please Grab an Infolog from the Original OEM ECM before removal and unlocking
2. Part 1 of this video explains how to do that - InfoLog Instructions
3. Once the infolog is taken complete the E41 Upgrade Kit procedure
4. With ECM Upgraded take another infolog of the Unlocked HPT ECM and a stock read
5. Send the 2 info logs and the 1 stock read to us

L5P Tuning requires you to attach your Stock File. All Krazy On Highways Calibration(s) for the L5P are built off your original calibration. TCM Tuning Calibrations are built to suit your needs, we strongly advise at the minimum to increase your Line Pressure to hold the added power.

Calibration(s) 2017- Current
0hp – Modified Stock 

25hp – TOW
45hp – ECONOMY
75hp – HOT
120hp – STREET (Built Trans Recommended)
150hp - RACE (Built Trams Recommended) 
180hp - PULL (Built Trams Recommended)

*These Tunes are custom and are made specifically for your race truck. Please let us know all of your engine mod(s) eg. Lift Pump, Intake, Turbo, Injectors, Cam, Bigger Intake etc.


L5P Other Controllers

In addition to our L5P E41 ECM support, you can also license the following
  • TCM (T87A) License: 4 Universal Credits + Unlock