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Key Features:

  • We will have the Modified File back to you same or next business day.
  • No derates.
  • No warnings on the dashboard.
  • Single Tune 
  • 3 Tunes 
  • Shift on the fly (in development)

Horsepower Options:

  • 0HP 
  • 25HP
  • 45HP
  • 65HP
  • 85HP
  • 120HP/140HP Compound Setup.
  • add Exhaust Brake 
  • Transmission Tuning includes raised line psi and optimizing the shift points for towing or performance. Please describe in "Comments"


  1. Laptop
  2. VCM Suite, latest "BETA" Version. (updates turned off)
  3. MPVI Interface. 
  4. Upload or Email stock file.


How to:

  1. PCM Must be unlocked if necessary, prior to ordering. 
  2. VCM Suite needs to be the latest "BETA" Version. (updates turned off)
  3. 2018+ Requires HPTuners Dodge "Smart Access Cable"
  4. Upload your stock file to this Order Form.
  5. Fill out the entire form, in "Comments" Tell us your engine mods and what type of tuning you would like.
  6. We will email you back your tune file shortly.
  7. If you have any emissions related messages on your dashboard or tuning related issues, email us with your Order # and issue and will get back to you.


* HPTuners requires credits for the ECM and TCM. You must have sufficient credits in order to flash the controller. If you do not have enough credits you will need to check with www.hptuners.com/vehicles on how many you require. If you do not have enough credits, addtional credits can be found here https://krazyonhighways.com/collections/light-duty/products/hp-tuners-credits