Bully Dog ECM Tuner Detroit & Mercedes

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The Bully Dog ECM Tuner is built with simple, easy-to-use performance in mind. This powerful device comes preloaded with the same high performance, dyno-proven tunes as our gauge tuners, except it is designed to be stowed away after installation–simply set it and forget it. The ECM Tuner is able to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and is equipped with fully customizable Speed Limiter adjustments. Select between 3 preloaded tunes that increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, giving your rig the ability to tackle any challenge along the route.


  •     6% - 15% Power Increase
  •     Speed Limiter Adjustments
  •     6% - 12% Fuel Mileage Increase
  •     Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader

Power Levels:
  •     Economy (6%-10% Gain)
  •     Economy & Power (6%-12% Gain, 35HP-75HP)
  •     Power (15% Gain, 75HP-100HP)