Volvo / Mack Trucks and Buses USA version 3 2014+ (OBD socket) SCR/DPF/EGR delete

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This service is available using Volvo Smart Harness -VLOMINGO only.

Purchase and wait for delivery of VLOMINGO before start.


Remote, quick and safe SCR/DPF/EGR delete tuning for MP7, MP8, MP10 – US14 and US17 engines. First in the world!

We’re announcing first in the world US Volvo VNL (newest model, since 2014, 16-pin OBD diagnostic socket) delete solution via reprogramming.

Main features:

  • No fault codes.
  • No torque reduction.
  • No OEM SW from EU3 trucks.
  • 3 or 4 SCR-related ECUs are flashed in parallel.
  • Minimal intervention into current ECU DataSet. We know what we do. No one unrelated parameter will be changed.
  • 20 minutes (or less) for each truck.
  • Very simple equipment requirements.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Equipment requirements

  • Volvo Smart Harness -VLOMINGO from HamCom Electronics (available in DrunkLab Store only).

  • Laptop/PC/VM with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.

  • Communication adapter: 88890020, VoCom or ANY RP1210C (Nexiq USB-Link, Noregon DLA , DPA5, Inline6, etc).

That’s it! We do not need Tech Tool 2 or other foreign software. We use only self-developed tools for best result.


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