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 D12D/D16D Engines


Main features:

  • No EGR fault codes.
  • No derates.
  • No warnings at the dashboard.
  • No OEM software from trucks for different market. Your fuel settings remain intact.
  • 15 minutes (or less) for each truck
  • Very simple system requirements. See the list below.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


How to:

  1. Using this Order form to fill out Truck VIN #
  2. Choosing a time between Midnight and Noon (MT) Mountain Time.
  3. Unplug EGR Valve Connectors
  4. Contact us by Email with your "Order # and Teamviewer ID/Password" 15 mins prior to your scheduled time.
  5. As soon as we complete your order you will get a notification. Please Check that no one emission related code(s) is active.


System requirements:

  • Laptop/PC/VM with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Communication adapter: 88890020, VoCom or ANY RP1210C (Nexiq USB-Link, Noregon DLA , DPA5, Inline6, etc)
  • TeamViewer (download from
  • TechTool 1.12 or 2.x, offline version.


Warranty Terms:


Warranty cases are:

  • EGR-related fault code appears during truck usage period.
  • EGR-related message is shown on the display
  • Torque derate caused by EGR (engine load factor doesn’t rise higher than 87%)

Non-warranty cases are:

  • ECU replacement (different ECU serial numbers detected than stored into database during reprogramming)
  • Software updateaction performed by OEM (different software detected)
  • Copyright violation. Cracking/readout attempts detected (different fingerprint is stored into ECU)